Lessons with Daniel

I offer Oboe, English Horn, and Reedmaking lessons to students of all ages and playing levels, both in person and online.

Whether you are just starting out, trying to get back into oboe playing, or simply preparing for an important audition or recital — I would be happy to get to know you and work together!

My philosophy

My goal is to help my students develop a love of music and a strong foundation in oboe playing.

I believe that music education should be fun and challenging, and that it should help students develop their creativity and expression.

I use a variety of teaching methods to meet the needs of each student, and I encourage them to practice regularly and to attend all of their lessons. I believe that music education is an important part of a well-rounded education, and I am passionate about helping my students reach their full potential.

Helpful Documents

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Recording with Home Equipment

A "how-to" guide for making great recordings

Intro to Knife Sharpening

A brief intro video for beginners


Knife Diagrams

Simple diagrams to help visualize the process and function of knife sharpening